Schools directory of Wokha, Nagaland

Wokha has two hundred sixteen schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Wokha. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Area Baptist Mission ChukitongChukitong
Jnv School ChukitongChukitong
Preety Petals School ChukitongChukitong
Emerald School ChukitongChukitong
Government High School EnglanEnglan
Government Primary School Wokha Village 'a'Wokha Vill
Government High School Wokha VillageWokha Vill
Government High School ChangsuChangsu Old
Government High School Nyiro CenterNyiro Centre
Government High School WozhuroWozhuro
Government Middle School Tsungiki 'a'Tsungiki
Government Primary School Tsugiki 'b'Tsungiki
Government High School N.LongidangN/Longidang
Government Middle School Longsa 'a'Longsa
St. Peter School LongsaLongsa
Government High School LongsaLongsa
Government Middle School LonglaLongla
Government Primary School Phiro 'a'Phiro
Government Middle School Phiro 'b'Phiro
Government Middle School YimkhaYimkha
Government Primary School YanthamoYanthamo
A G SchoolYanthamo
Government Middle School LongsachungLongsachung
Government Middle School NiriyoNiroyo
Tsenbemo Memorial SchoolNiroyo