Schools directory of Bishnupur, Manipur

Bishnupur has three hundred ninety four schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Bishnupur. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Khunpham Makha Primary School(Wahengkhuman Maning Primary School)Ishok
Heinoubok Awangkhul Primary SchoolNamoikhul Awang
Changpikot Primary SchoolChairel
Thanga Thamangkhong Primary SchoolThanga
Kwakta Sebla Primary SchoolKwakta
Tronglaobi Makha Primary SchoolKwakta
Radiant Public SchoolKwakta W/No. 2
Kwasiphai Junior High SchoolKwasiphai
Kwasiphai Maning Primary SchoolKwasiphai
Nachou Mamang (Aided) L.Primary SchoolNachou
Nachou Junior High SchoolNachou
Balanando AcademyNachou
Standford Photon SchoolNachou
Gokul High SchoolPotshangbam
Potshangbam Upper Primary SchoolPotshangbam
Potshangbam Girls (Aided) L.Primary SchoolPotshangbam
Royal Education CentrePotshangbam
Upokpi Primary SchoolPotshangbam
Gokul Aided High SchoolPotshangbam
Upokpi Khunou Primary SchoolPotshangbam
Toupokpi Govt. Junior High SchoolNingthoukhong Awang
Thinungei Phubala High SchoolThinungei
Thinungei Upper Primary SchoolThinungei
Impetus SchoolThinungei
Sunusiphai Upper Primary SchoolSunusiphai