Schools directory of Senapati, Manipur

Senapati has three hundred seventy nine schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Senapati. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Tunggam Khunou Lower Primary SchoolTunggam Village
Taphou Ngaihang Primary SchoolTaphou Naga
Khongnem Ujb SchoolPuni Pfosemai
De Paul SchoolPuni Pfosemai
Thuyeng Primary SchoolThuyeng
Chashifula Primary SchoolShajouba
13 Miles Lower Primary SchoolTahar Basti
Lower Thanamba Lower Primary SchoolThanamba
Mayangkhang Thana Lower Primary SchoolMayangkhang Khunou
Takaimei Primary SchoolTakaimei Village
Thingba Khunou Junior High SchoolThingba Khonou
Shimai Primary SchoolLakhamai
Phaomai D Primary SchoolKodom
Pfiikhro Zhaiphao Primary SchoolPhaibung Khullen
Sirong Sofii Primary SchoolSirong Sofii
Sirong Khunou Lower Primary SchoolSirong Sofii
Tungjoy Boys' Primary SchoolTungjoy
Laveichu English SchoolTungjoy
Akonamai Lower Primary SchoolTungjoy
Tungjoy High SchoolTungjoy
Savio High SchoolTungjoy
Chinaomai Primary SchoolTungjoy
Tungjoy Rekhabumai Primary SchoolTungjoy
Savio Complex Primary SchoolTungjoy
North District Aided H/sTungjoy