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India has over sixteen lakhs schools for teaching students of different classes. Click on a state to see list of schools in that state.

StateTotal Schools
Jammu & Kashmir28322 Schools in 20 districts
Himachal Pradesh18264 Schools in 12 districts
Punjab31838 Schools in 23 districts
Chandigarh233 Schools in 1 district
Uttarakhand25362 Schools in 13 districts
Haryana23890 Schools in 22 districts
Delhi5746 Schools in 11 districts
Rajasthan112534 Schools in 33 districts
Uttar Pradesh298360 Schools in 75 districts
Bihar98427 Schools in 38 districts
Sikkim1362 Schools in 6 districts
Arunachal Pradesh4166 Schools in 25 districts
Nagaland2904 Schools in 15 districts
Manipur5291 Schools in 16 districts
Mizoram4139 Schools in 11 districts
Tripura5036 Schools in 8 districts
Meghalaya15123 Schools in 12 districts
Assam73052 Schools in 35 districts
West Bengal99329 Schools in 23 districts
Jharkhand49479 Schools in 24 districts
Odisha70937 Schools in 30 districts
Chhattisgarh57643 Schools in 33 districts
Madhya Pradesh159113 Schools in 52 districts
Gujarat56019 Schools in 33 districts
Maharashtra114936 Schools in 36 districts
Andhra Pradesh70594 Schools in 26 districts
Karnataka82005 Schools in 31 districts
Goa1576 Schools in 2 districts
Lakshadweep45 Schools in 1 district
Kerala17253 Schools in 14 districts
Tamilnadu59580 Schools in 38 districts
Puducherry779 Schools in 4 districts
Andaman & Nicobar Islands428 Schools in 3 districts
Telangana57965 Schools in 33 districts
Ladakh1063 Schools in 2 districts
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu502 Schools in 3 districts

US has over ninty six thousands public schools in its fifty one states. Click on a state to see list of schools in that state.

StateTotal Schools
Alabama1512 schools in 375 cities
Alaska500 schools in 218 cities
Arizona2425 schools in 184 cities
Arkansas1083 schools in 262 cities
California10326 schools in 963 cities
Colorado1941 schools in 273 cities
Connecticut1001 schools in 203 cities
Delaware231 schools in 39 cities
District of Columbia241 schools in 1 city
Florida4240 schools in 431 cities
Georgia2319 schools in 370 cities
Hawaii294 schools in 61 cities
Idaho789 schools in 175 cities
Illinois4385 schools in 863 cities
Indiana1915 schools in 410 cities
Iowa1325 schools in 432 cities
Kansas1355 schools in 367 cities
Kentucky1536 schools in 340 cities
Louisiana1367 schools in 326 cities
Maine598 schools in 309 cities
Maryland1418 schools in 257 cities
Massachusetts1847 schools in 383 cities
Michigan3543 schools in 600 cities
Minnesota2680 schools in 465 cities
Mississippi1041 schools in 238 cities
Missouri2461 schools in 557 cities
Montana829 schools in 230 cities
Nebraska1085 schools in 284 cities
Nevada751 schools in 76 cities
New Hampshire495 schools in 206 cities
New Jersey2558 schools in 565 cities
New Mexico893 schools in 145 cities
New York4802 schools in 867 cities
North Carolina2747 schools in 512 cities
North Dakota511 schools in 182 cities
Ohio3657 schools in 677 cities
Oklahoma1792 schools in 414 cities
Oregon1287 schools in 256 cities
Pennsylvania2941 schools in 782 cities
Rhode Island315 schools in 52 cities
South Carolina1270 schools in 242 cities
South Dakota719 schools in 179 cities
Tennessee1906 schools in 375 cities
Texas9091 schools in 1049 cities
Utah1114 schools in 186 cities
Vermont304 schools in 190 cities
Virginia2132 schools in 384 cities
Washington2507 schools in 346 cities
West Virginia694 schools in 298 cities
Wisconsin2245 schools in 487 cities
Wyoming359 schools in 88 cities

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