Schools directory of Chandel, Manipur

Chandel has two hundred forty schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Chandel. Click on a school to see its complete details.

St. Theresa Kids Care FoundationKhuringkhu
Sugnu Tribal Primary SchoolSugnu Tribal
Zion Country SchoolL. Thinglhangphai (H)
Enlighten Kid's Care CentreSingtom
Corner Stone AcadamyM. Munpi
Edith Douglas Memorial InstituteTampi
Little Pearls SchoolRungchang
Theophany Christian Academy SchoolChakpikarong
South East Manipur Higher Secondary SchoolPurum Tampak Villlage
New Wangparal Primary SchoolNew Wangparal (H)
Heibunglok Primary SchoolHeibunglok Village (H)
Khuringmul Primary SchoolKhuringmol (H)
Angam Memorial SchoolLiwachangning (H)
Kurnuching Primary SchoolKurnu Ching
Kalikalok Primary SchoolKalikalok (H)
Kaziphung Primary SchoolKaziphung
Phiran Leihao Primary SchoolPhiran Leichou (H)
Anthi Primary SchoolAnthi (H)
Charangching Khunkha Primary SchoolChirangchingkhunkha
Thangkin Upper Primary SchoolThangkim (H)
Liwa Maring Primary SchoolLiwa Maring
Lungleh Primary SchoolLungleh
Oak Hill Christian AcademyPanchai
Mantripantha Primary SchoolMantri Pantha (H)
Chandel Khullen Upper Primary SchoolChandel Khullen