ATM Locator - India

India has over one lakh sixty thousands Bank ATMs in its thirty six states. Click on a state to see list of bank ATMs in that state.

StateTotal ATMs
Jammu & Kashmir1784 ATMs in 20 districts
Himachal Pradesh1842 ATMs in 12 districts
Punjab6126 ATMs in 23 districts
Chandigarh669 ATMs in 1 district
Uttarakhand2496 ATMs in 13 districts
Haryana6056 ATMs in 22 districts
Delhi7303 ATMs in 11 districts
Rajasthan7322 ATMs in 33 districts
Uttar Pradesh15311 ATMs in 75 districts
Bihar5618 ATMs in 38 districts
Sikkim171 ATMs in 6 districts
Arunachal Pradesh184 ATMs in 25 districts
Nagaland288 ATMs in 15 districts
Manipur301 ATMs in 16 districts
Mizoram170 ATMs in 11 districts
Tripura375 ATMs in 8 districts
Meghalaya376 ATMs in 12 districts
Assam2147 ATMs in 35 districts
West Bengal6851 ATMs in 23 districts
Jharkhand3058 ATMs in 24 districts
Odisha4236 ATMs in 30 districts
Chhattisgarh2613 ATMs in 33 districts
Madhya Pradesh5656 ATMs in 52 districts
Gujarat10086 ATMs in 33 districts
Maharashtra20427 ATMs in 36 districts
Andhra Pradesh6674 ATMs in 26 districts
Karnataka11521 ATMs in 31 districts
Goa954 ATMs in 2 districts
Lakshadweep4 ATMs in 1 district
Kerala6283 ATMs in 14 districts
Tamilnadu16784 ATMs in 38 districts
Puducherry464 ATMs in 4 districts
Andaman & Nicobar Islands102 ATMs in 3 districts
Telangana7622 ATMs in 33 districts
Ladakh60 ATMs in 2 districts
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu260 ATMs in 3 districts

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