Schools directory of Tamenglong, Manipur

Tamenglong has three hundred nine schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Tamenglong. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Mandu Primary SchoolNew Mandu
Ejeirong Primary SchoolEjeirong
Haochong High SchoolHaochong
Pungmon Primary SchoolPungmon
Kajinglong Primary SchoolKajinglong
New Kabuikhullen Primary SchoolNew Kabuikhullen
Kabui Khullen Primary SchoolKabuikhullen
Thingra High SchoolThingra
Machangram Primary SchoolThingra
Nagaching Pt-Ii Primary SchoolNagaching
Nagaching Primary SchoolNagaching
Oktan Primary SchoolOktan
Bakuwa Primary SchoolBakuwa
Nungtek Primary SchoolNungtek
Upper Nungtek Primary SchoolUpper Nungtek
New Marangjing Primary SchoolNew Marangjing
Haolaijang Primary SchoolHaolaijang
Marangjing Pt-I Primary SchoolMarangjing Pt-1
Bhalok Pt-Ii Primary SchoolBhalok
Bhalok High SchoolBhalok
Bhalok Khunnou Upper Primary SchoolBhalok
Duigaluang Primary SchoolBhalok
Lower Sonpram Primary SchoolSonpram
Upper Sonpram Primary SchoolSonpram
Sonpram High SchoolSonpram