Schools directory of Pherzawl, Manipur

Pherzawl has one hundred thirty eight schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Pherzawl. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Tualkhohau Govt. H/sMualnuam
Thuangtam JbsThuangtam
Kaihlam Aided Junior H/sKaihlam
Mongon JbsMong-On
Pamjal JbsPamjal
Mualkui Upper Primary SchoolMualkui
Sinzang Primary SchoolSinjang
Umtal JbsUmtal
Thiakbung JbsThiakbung
Phailianbung Primary SchoolPhailianbung
Tuilijang Primary SchoolTuilijang
Maite Upper Primary SchoolMaite
L. Phunchongjang JbsBualtang
Phaipheng JbsPhaipheng
Phaikholum JbsPhaikholum (J) (Muntha)
Phaikholum Primary SchoolPhaikholum (J) (Muntha)
Nahthialbok Primary SchoolNahthialbawk
Tangnaum Primary SchoolTangnuam
Phaijang Govt. H/sPhaijang
Pangen JbsPangen
Bualmual (Sv) Upper Primary SchoolSuangsang
Muikot Upper Primary SchoolSuangsang
S. Thenzol Primary SchoolSuangsang
T Maujang Primary SchoolSuangsang
Savaipaih JbsSavaipaih