Schools directory of Tato, Arunachal Pradesh

Tato has forty four schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Tato. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Sfs Pre-Upper Primary School, TatoTato H.Q.
Govt.Middle School, DechenthangDechenthang
Govt. Primary School, BumjipangaBomju Panga
Govt. Primary School, BarangangBarangang
Govt.Primary School, PaumPaum
Govt. Residential School, DorjeelingDorjeeling
Govt.Primary School, RegoRego
Govt.Residential School, RapumRapum
Govt.Primary School, GapoGapo
Govt.Middle School, YapikYapik
Govt.Residential School, IrgoIrgo
Govt.Primary School, TadogituTadogitu
Govt.Primary School, TagurTagur
Govt.Primary School, PidiPidi H.Q.
Govt.Upper Primary School, ChengoChengo
Govt.Upper Primary School, KarleKarle
Govt. Residential School, GechingGeching
Govt. Residential Schoool, LungteLungte
Govt.Residential School, KaroKaro
Govt. Primary School Kamgi (Tato)Kamgi (Tato)
Govt. Primary School, SorangdemSorangdem
Govt.Residential School, PapikrungPapikrung
Govt.Higher Secondary School, MechukhaMechukha H.Q.
Govt.Primary School, SheetSheet
Govt.Primary School, SingbirSingbir