Schools directory of Likabali, Arunachal Pradesh

Likabali has eighty nine schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Likabali. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Govt. Primary School SerenSeren
Govt. Hr. Secondary School Nari HqNari (Hq)
Govt. Upper Primary School Nari HqNari (Hq)
Immanual English Academy School, NariNari (Hq)
Govt. Primary School Nari VillageNari Village
Govt. Secondary School, New SerenNew Seren (Hq)
Kgbv SerenNew Seren (Hq)
Govt. Upper Primary School PamPam
Govt Primary School TojoPam
Govt Primary School Obom (Pam)Pam
Govt. Upper Primary School Old DekaOld Deka
Govt. Primary School New DekaNew Deka
Govt. Primary School PottePotte
Govt.Upper Primary School Telam Camp (Res)Telam Camp
Govt. Hr. Secondary School Telam CampTelam Camp
Govt. Upper Primary School NameyNamey
Govt. Primary School, JateJate
Govt. Primary School, MaliniLikabali H.Q.
D.D.Public SchoolLikabali H.Q.
Govt. Primary School SipuSipu
Govt.Upper Primary School Lumpo VillageLumpo
Dalimi English School, LumpoLumpo
Govt. Primary School, Adi TakoAdi Tako
Govt.Primary School, TorajanTorajan
Govt.Primary School, KuntorKuntor