Schools directory of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has seventy thousand five hundred ninety four schools in 26 districts. Click on a city to see list of schools in that city.

CityTotal SchoolsTop Schools
Anantapur5751 schoolsTop schools in Anantapur
Chittoor7094 schoolsBest schools of Chittoor
Kadapa5259 schoolsTop schools in Kadapa
Kakinada6822 schoolsBest schools of Kakinada
Guntur5746 schoolsTop schools in Guntur
Machilipatnam5262 schoolsBest schools of Machilipatnam
Kurnool4938 schoolsTop schools in Kurnool
Nellore5053 schoolsBest schools of Nellore
Ongole5137 schoolsTop schools in Ongole
Srikakulam4443 schoolsBest schools of Srikakulam
Visakhapatnam6214 schoolsTop schools in Visakhapatnam
Vizianagaram3851 schoolsBest schools of Vizianagaram
Eluru5024 schoolsTop schools in Eluru

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