Schools in Illinois

Illinois has four thousand three hundred eighty five schools in 863 cities. Click on a city to see list of schools in that city.

Chicago660 schools
Hanover3 schools
Casey2 schools
Farmer City2 schools
Mansfield1 school
Norris City5 schools
Enfield1 school
Forrest2 schools
Fairbury2 schools
Chatsworth1 school
Chenoa1 school
Naperville44 schools
Saint Charles15 schools
Grafton2 schools
Harrisburg5 schools
Shannon1 school
Lanark1 school
Pinckneyville4 schools
Beach Park4 schools
Wadsworth2 schools
Goreville2 schools
Joppa1 school
Metropolis6 schools
Marshall5 schools
Effingham9 schools

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