Schools in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has four hundred ninety five schools in 206 cities. Click on a city to see list of schools in that city.

Weare3 schools
Exeter7 schools
Stratham2 schools
Littleton5 schools
Dover7 schools
Gorham3 schools
Surry1 school
Nashua22 schools
Penacook4 schools
Pembroke4 schools
Lebanon4 schools
Alton2 schools
Milton3 schools
Allenstown2 schools
Amherst3 schools
Andover1 school
Ashland1 school
Auburn1 school
Ctr. Barnstead1 school
Barrington3 schools
Bartlett1 school
Bath1 school
Bedford6 schools
Berlin3 schools
Bethlehem3 schools

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