Schools directory of Serchhip, Mizoram

Serchhip has two hundred fifty schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Serchhip. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Thenzawl Vengthar Upper Primary School (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)Thenzawl Vengthar
Govt. Vengchung P/s SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 1
Govt M/s SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 1
Eklavya Model Residential School SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 1
Govt. J.M. High School- SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 1
Vanchengte M/s (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)Vanchengte
Eklavya Model Residential School (High School Section)- SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 1
Govt. Darnam P/s SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 2
Govt. L.M. M/s SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 2
Cms P/s SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 2
Cms M/s Serchhip (Adhoc)Serchhip Vc - 2
Zoluti Memorial High School (Adhoc)- SerchhipSerchhip Vc - 2
Govt. Agriculture Complex P/s New SerchhipNew Serchhip North
Govt. New Serchhip M/sNew Serchhip North
Govt. Pcr High School- New SerchhipNew Serchhip North
C.V Residential High School- N.SerchhipNew Serchhip North
Brilliant Higher Secondary SchoolNew Serchhip North
New Serchhip Rmsa Secondary SchoolNew Serchhip North
Govt. Chhiahtlang P/s -1Chhiahtlang
Govt. Chhiahtlang P/s -2Chhiahtlang
Govt. Chhiahtlang P/s -3Chhiahtlang
Govt. Chhiahtlang P/s -5Chhiahtlang
Govt. Chhiahtlang M/sChhiahtlang
Govt. National M/s ChhiahtlangChhiahtlang
Presbyterian School ChhiahtlangChhiahtlang