Hospitals in Serchhip, Mizoram

Serchhip has thirty six hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Ngentiang Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
N Vanlaiphai Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Keitum Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
N Vanlaiphai Primary Health CenterSERCHHIP
Serchhip Primary Health CenterSERCHHIP
Chhiahtlang Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Thenzawl Community Health CenterSERCHHIP
Serchhip Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Rullam Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Hualtu Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Sialhau Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Khawbel Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
East Lungdar Primary Health CenterSERCHHIP
Chhingchhip Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Lungpho Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Thentlang Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Thinglian Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Khawlailung Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Buangpui Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Leng Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Hmuntha Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Khawlailung Primary Health CenterSERCHHIP
Thenzawl Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
New Serchhip Sub-CenterSERCHHIP
Chhingchhip Primary Health CenterSERCHHIP