Hospitals in Rohtak, Haryana

Rohtak has two hundred thirty five hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Officer colony/Revenue Colony Sub-CenterRohtak
Primary Health Center MehamMaham
Primary Health Center KiloiKILOI
Primary Health Center SamarGopal PurCHIRI
Kheri Sadh Sub-CenterSampla
Ghuskani Sub-CenterCHIRI
Prit Vihar Sub-CenterRohtak
Dev Colony Sub-CenterRohtak
Kath Mandi Sub-CenterRohtak
Sub-Center NidanaMaham
Roop Nagar Nehru Colony Urban Health centerRohtak
Pandav Nagar Sub-CenterRohtak
Bahu Akberpur I Sub-CenterCHIRI
Rohtak Pvt. InstitutionRohtak
Kherari Sub-CenterRohtak
Bhaini Surjan Sub-CenterMaham
Kansala Sub-CenterKILOI
Shri Nagar Adarsh nagar Sub-CenterRohtak
Singhpura Sub-CenterRohtak
Ghilor Kalan Sub-CenterKILOI
Poly Clinic Urban Health centerRohtak
Primary Health Center PilanaRohtak
Bahali Anandpur Sub-CenterCHIRI
Kahanaur 2 Sub-CenterKalanaur
Chamaria Sub-CenterKILOI

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