Hospitals in Rohtak, Haryana

Rohtak has two hundred thirty five hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Old Arya Nagar Sub-CenterRohtak
Khadwali Sub-CenterKILOI
Makrouli kalan Sub-CenterKILOI
Bhaini Chanderpal Sub-CenterMaham
Primary Health Center GirawarMaham
Dhamar Sub-CenterRohtak
Sisar Khas Sub-CenterMaham
Farmana Sub-CenterMaham
Sector 02 Sub-CenterRohtak
Chameli Market Sub-CenterRohtak
Charak Mohalla Sub-CenterRohtak
Humayun Pur Sub-CenterKILOI
Sunari Kalan Sub-CenterRohtak
Chiri-I Sub-CenterCHIRI
Kila Mohalla Sub-CenterRohtak
Ismaila-11B Sub-CenterSampla
Sundana Sub-CenterRohtak
Chawala Colony Sub-CenterRohtak
Bahamanwas Sub-CenterKILOI
Girawar Sub-CenterMaham
Vijay Nagar Sub-CenterRohtak
Behlba-II Sub-CenterMaham
Sector 14 Sub-CenterRohtak
Primary Health Center SanghiKILOI

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