Hospitals in Malkangiri, Odisha

Malkangiri has two hundred forty four hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Sub-Center MarigettaKalimela
Mudulipada Sub-CenterMudulipada
Sub-Center BhejangiwadaKalimela
Sub-Center MendkullyMathili
Pedakonda Primary Health CenterMalkangiri
Padmagiri Primary Health CenterMalkangiri
Govindapally Primary Health CenterMathili
Naliguda Sub-CenterPaparmetla
Sub-Center JodambaOrkel
Sub-Center GirkanpallyKalimela
Salimi Primary Health CenterMathili
Poteru Sub-CenterOrkel
Sub-Center SamanathpurOrkel
Sub-Center Mv 21Malkangiri
Mv 47 Sub-CenterOrkel
Tandiki Sub-CenterOrkel
Panighata Sub-CenterPaparmetla
Siadimal Sub-CenterOrkel
Samanathpur Sub-CenterPaparmetla
Muduliguda Sub-CenterPaparmetla
Sub-Center ManyamkondaKalimela
Sub-Center Mv 97Malkangiri
Sub-Center KutunipallyMathili
Sikhapaly Sub-CenterOrkel
Sub-Center BhejagudaMathili

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