Hospitals in Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Haridwar has one hundred fifty six hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Jaswawala Sub-CenterHaridwar
Behedki Saidabad Sub-CenterRoorkee
Tikola Kala Sub-CenterRoorkee
Alipur Sub-CenterHaridwar
Khedi Sikohpur Sub-CenterRoorkee
Alawalpur Sub-CenterRoorkee
Baswakhedi Sub-CenterRoorkee
Ahmadpur Grunt Sub-CenterHaridwar
Newada Sub-CenterRoorkee
Fazilpur Sub-CenterRoorkee
Primary Health Center JhabredaRoorkee
Thithki Sub-CenterRoorkee
Shahpur Sub-CenterHaridwar
Primary Health Center RoshnabadHaridwar
Molna Sub-CenterRoorkee
Salempur Sub-CenterHaridwar
Dariyapur Sub-CenterRoorkee
Primary Health Center LaldhangHaridwar
Daulatpur Sub-CenterRoorkee
Shivgarh Sub-CenterHaridwar
Toda Kalyanpur Sub-CenterRoorkee
Saliyar Sub-CenterRoorkee
Primary Health Center ImlikheraRoorkee
Banjarewala Sub-CenterRoorkee
Rohalki Sub-CenterHaridwar