Hospitals in Firozpur, Punjab

Firozpur has one hundred forty five hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Jhanda Bagga Sub-CenterKassoana
Khunder Uttar Sub-CenterFirozpur
Dulchi Ke Sub-CenterFirozpur
Fattu wala Sub-CenterFirozpur
Jhok Harihar Sub-CenterFirozpur
Wakilan Wala Sub-CenterKassoana
Muthian wala Sub-CenterFirozpur
Primary Health Center Wakilan WalaKassoana
Changa Khurd Sub-CenterFirozpur
Primary Health Center Jhoke HariharFirozpur
Boor Wala Sub-CenterGURU HAR SAHAI
Suner Sub-CenterKassoana
Tibbi Kalan Sub-CenterFirozpur
Mohan Ke Hithar Sub-CenterGURU HAR SAHAI
Community Health Center GuruharsahaiGURU HAR SAHAI
Behak Gujjran Sub-CenterKassoana
Primary Health Center Khosa Dal SinghKassoana
Chak Hiraj Sub-CenterGURU HAR SAHAI
Pindi Sub-CenterGURU HAR SAHAI
Bhaggo Ke Sub-CenterKassoana
Chak Saido Ke Sub-CenterGURU HAR SAHAI
Wara Pohwind Sub-CenterKassoana
Khalchian Quadeem Sub-CenterFirozpur
Primary Health Center KassoanaKassoana
Phullarwan Sub-CenterFirozpur