Hospitals in Barnala, Punjab

Barnala has eighty eight hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Dhilwan Sub-CenterTappa
Uppli Sub-CenterDhanaula
Naiwala Sub-CenterDhanaula
Kale ke Sub-CenterDhanaula
Chappa Sub-CenterMehal Kalan
Primary Health Center HamidiDhanaula
Kot Duna Sub-CenterDhanaula
Sub-divisional Hospital TapaTappa
Kalal Majra Sub-CenterMehal Kalan
Tallewal-A Sub-CenterTappa
Chinniwal Kalan Sub-CenterMehal Kalan
Raisar Sub-CenterMehal Kalan
Ghunas Sub-CenterTappa
Badra Sub-CenterDhanaula
Bhotna Sub-CenterTappa
Cheema Sub-CenterTappa
Karamgarh Sub-CenterDhanaula
Sanghera Sub-CenterDhanaula
Bhathlan Sub-CenterDhanaula
Mehal Kalan Sub-CenterMehal Kalan
Diwana Sub-CenterMehal Kalan
Sukhpura Sub-CenterTappa
Community Health Center DhanoulaDhanaula
Kutba Sub-CenterMehal Kalan
Primary Health Center BhathlanDhanaula

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