Hospitals in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Aligarh has four hundred fifty four hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Hardoi Primary Health CenterAtrauli
Sihor Sub-CenterKoil
Jalokhari Sub-CenterGabhana
Jarara Sub-CenterKhair
Primary Health Center LodhaKoil
Gorai R Sub-CenterIglas
N.Baraula Sub-CenterIglas
Pilkhani Sub-CenterAtrauli
javan Sub-CenterIglas
uttam Pura Sub-CenterIglas
Pt Deen Dayal District Combined HospitalKoil
Bijoli Sub-CenterAtrauli
surajpur Sub-CenterIglas
kasimpur P.House Sub-CenterIglas
Hasona Jagmohanpur Sub-CenterKoil
talib nagar Sub-CenterGabhana
Dabha Sub-CenterKoil
Chachau Sub-CenterIglas
Akrabad Sub-CenterKoil
Narbari Sub-CenterKhair
Umari Primary Health CenterGabhana
Kalinjri Sub-CenterIglas
Laxmangarhi Sub-CenterKhair
Bhawanipur Sub-CenterAtrauli
Asrohi Sub-CenterIglas

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