Schools directory of Khonsa, Arunachal Pradesh

Khonsa has one hundred sixty one schools. You can check the list of Top 10 schools in Khonsa. Click on a school to see its complete details.

Govt Primary School Coffee BoardDeomali Town
Govt Primary School Nokson ColonyDeomali Town
Govt Primary School UgripatharDeomali Town
Govt Primary School LitkhiDeomali Town
Govt Primary School HomroyHomroy
Govt Primary School SumsipatharSumsipathar
Govt. Primary School LamloLamlo
Govt. Primary School ThalotThalot
Donbosco BorduriaBorduria
Govt High School School KhonsaKhonsa Town
Govt Secondary School PinewoodKhonsa Town
Govt Town Secondary School, KhonsaKhonsa Town
Govt Town Me School, KhonsaKhonsa Town
Govt Me School Bank ColonyKhonsa Town
Govt Primary School NoksaNoksa
Govt Primary School NgoithongNgoithong
Govt Primary School New LainwangNew Lainwang
Govt Primary School Khonsa VillKhonsa Village
Govt. N.T.C. Me School DeomaliDeomali Town
Govt High School School DeomaliDeomali Town
Sun Hum Primary School DeomaliDeomali Town
St. George Secondary School DeomaliDeomali Town
Ang Kids Primary School DeomaliDeomali Town
Govt Me School Nci, DeomaliDeomali Town
Govt.Primary School Natun BastiDeomali Town