A.Konduru, Ntr

A.Konduru is a Block, Mandal and Mandal Panchayat in the Ntr district of Andhra Pradesh.

As on May 2024, the current population of A.Konduru is 7 thousands out of which 3.3 thousands are males and rest 3.6 thousands are females. The sex ratio of this place is 1084 females per 1000 males. There are around 647 teenagers in A.Konduru. It has literacy rate of 50% which means around 3.5 thousands persons can read and write. Total 1.7 thousands people belonging to scheduled caste and 2.9 thousands scheduled tribe people live in the place. There are around 1.7 thousands households in A.Konduru, which means every family has 4 members on average. The place has working population of 3.6 thousands.


A.Konduru has many good schools for education and follwing are popular schools among students.

A.Konduru Mandal Panchayat

Mr Kishan Sing is the President (Block Pramukh) of Mandal Panchayat A.Konduru, who can be contacted at email address soakdr@rediffmail.com and mobile number 80087xxx30. The Block landline number is 08673-27**23. The Block Development Officer (BDO) is Gowsiya Begum , who can be reached at email address mdo_akdr@rediffmail.com and mobile number 91000xxx30. The Block address is Mandal Praja Parishad, A.Konduru, Beside Phc, Pincode - 521226. You can reach there by taking a bus till Kambhampadu bus stop which is around 4 km away. The Block has internet facility.There are three computers, one printer and two scanners available for various works.A.Konduru Mandal Panchayat consists of total 21 Grama Panchayat.

A.Konduru Grama Panchayat

A.Konduru is a village and Grama Panchayat of the A.Konduru Mandal in Ntr district of Andhra Pradesh, which falls under A.Konduru block. Vempati Rajani is the President of A.Konduru Grama Panchayat, who can be contacted at email address nrao.vraj@gmail.com and mobile number 87123xxx41. The Panchayat landline number is 08673-27**11. The Secretary is K.T.Raju, who can be reached at email address rajuktps@gmail.com and mobile number 94924xxx87. The Panchayat address is a.Konduru g.p, Pincode - 521227. You can reach there by taking a bus till A.Konduru Center bus stop which is less than a km away. The Panchayat has both library facility and internet facility. There are one computer and one printer available for various works. It also has a CSC center.

Panchayat Members


Vempati Rajani is the Sarpanch of A.Konduru Grama Panchayat, whose mobile no. is 87123xxx41 and email is nrao.vraj@gmail.com.

Up Sarpanch

Akkasani Ramesh Babu is the Up Sarpanch of A.Konduru Grama Panchayat, whose mobile no. is 78932xxx84 and email is rameshakkasani@gmail.com.

Ward Member

A.Konduru Grama Panchayat has total 11 elected Ward Member.

  1. Nerati Santhamma - Mobile: 95535xxx30 - Email: santhamma@gmail.com
  2. Rathikanti Rajini - Mobile: 84659xxx62 - Email: rajini@gmail.com
  3. Barre Annamma - Mobile: 82979xxx48 - Email: annamma@gmail.com
  4. Sadam Rukmini - Mobile: 99633xxx11 - Email: saddamprabhakrarao@gmail.com
  5. Patapanchula Giribabu - Mobile: 93930xxx42 - Email: patapanchulagiribabu@gmail.com
  6. Mamilla Yasoda - Mobile: 95029xxx66 - Email: mamillayesoda@gmail.com
  7. Sadam Narasimharao - Mobile: 96523xxx92 - Email: sadamnarasimha1623@gmail.com
  8. Vempati Rattamma - Mobile: 91772xxx78 - Email: vempatirattamma@gmail.com
  9. Vempati Vijay Kumar - Mobile: 76618xxx18 - Email: vempativijaykumar@gmail.com
  10. Vempati Krishna - Mobile: 97056xxx02 - Email: vempatikrishna@gmail.com
  11. Sola Siva Prasad - Mobile: 91770xxx40 - Email: solasivaprasad@gmail.com

Covered villages

A.Konduru Grama Panchayat manages total 1 villages.

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