Hospitals in Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir

Udhampur has eighty seven hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Community Health Center RamnagarRamnagar
AD Ladda Primary Health CenterChenani
Keya Sub-CenterRamnagar
Chanuta Primary Health CenterRamnagar
Thial Primary Health CenterMajalta
Sub-Center LatyarChenani
Sunetar Sub-CenterRamnagar
Marta Sub-CenterRamnagar
Majua Sub-CenterRamnagar
Dheeran Sub-CenterRamnagar
MAC Nikki Nallah Sub-CenterChenani
Dhandal Sub-CenterRamnagar
AD Bariote Primary Health CenterChenani
Barigarh Sub-CenterMajalta
Primary Health Center PancheriChenani
Panj Grain Sub-CenterRamnagar
Primary Health Center Nalla GhooranRamnagar
Sattyan Sub-CenterRamnagar
U.Bhatyari Sub-CenterRamnagar
Sub-Center Kathil GanjuRamnagar
Nakki Sub-CenterMajalta
Satyalta Sub-CenterRamnagar
Jandrari Sub-CenterRamnagar
Jansal Sub-CenterMajalta
Sub-Center Upper RessainRamnagar

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