Hospitals in Thoubal, Manipur

Thoubal has seventy one hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
PHSC Athokpam Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Khekman Sub-CenterLILONG
Khoirom Primary Health CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Chaobok Kabui Sub-CenterLILONG
Sugnu Community Health CenterKAKCHING
PHSC Thoubal Ningombam Sub-CenterLILONG
PHSC Chandrakhong Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Langmeidong Sub-CenterKAKCHING
PHSC Thokchom Bengi Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Tentha Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
Hiyanglam Primary Health CenterKAKCHING
PHSC Langathel Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
Charangpat Primary Health CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Salungpham Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Irengband Thoibi Bazar Sub-CenterKAKCHING
PHSC Oinam Sawombung Sub-CenterLILONG
PHSC Khoirom Kekru Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Sangaiyumpham Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
Nongpok Sekmai Primary Health CenterTHOUBAL
Heirok Community Health CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Santhel Lital Makhong Sub-CenterLILONG
PHSC Kiyam Litanpok Sub-CenterLILONG
PHSC Leirongthel Malom Sub-CenterTHOUBAL
PHSC Thongam Sub-CenterKAKCHING
PHSC Waikhong Sub-CenterKAKCHING

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