Hospitals in Shupiyan, Jammu & Kashmir

Shupiyan has forty six hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
chanchamarg Sub-CenterShopian
Sub-Center ChitragamShopian
Sub-Center RamnagriShopian
AD Nadigam Primary Health CenterShopian
Sub-Center NagbalShopian
MAC Saidpora Bala Sub-CenterShopian
MAC Kanjiullar Sub-CenterShopian
Sub-Center HandewShopian
Sub-Center KachdooraShopian
Sub-Center AwnuraShopian
Sub-Center ReshnagriShopian
Primary Health Center VehilShopian
MAC Chaki Cholen Sub-CenterShopian
Sub-Center GadiporaShopian
Sub-Center ChathriporaShopian
Sub-Center Heff- ShirmalShopian
Sub-Center AlamgunjShopian
Community Health Center ZainporaShopian
Primary Health Center HermanShopian
Sub-Center MoolShopian
Sub-Center AdigenShopian
MAC Reban Sub-CenterShopian
Primary Health Center SedowShopian
A D Pinjoora Primary Health CenterShopian
Sub-Center MemandarShopian