Hospitals in Panchkula, Haryana

Panchkula has one hundred fourteen hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Sector- 5 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Sector- 15 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Government Dispensary Sector 12 APanchkula
Primary Health Center BarwalaPanchkula
Sector- 25 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Primary Health Center MorniKalka
Sub-Center RatpurKalka
Sector- 28Panchkula
Sector- 9 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Sector- 14 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Sub-Center TipraKalka
Primary Health Center Raipur RaniPanchkula
Sector- 23 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Urban Slum Dispensary, Sector 19 Urban Health centerPanchkula
Sector- 27 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Sub-Center Pinjore IIKalka
Sector- 3 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Urban Slum Dispensary, Sector 26 Urban Health centerPanchkula
Sub-Center KhetpraliPanchkula
Ashiyana, Sector 26 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Primary Health Center KotPanchkula
Sector- 24 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Government Dispensary Sector 4Panchkula
Ashiyana, Sector 19 Sub-CenterPanchkula
Sector- 4 Sub-CenterPanchkula

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