Hospitals in Mon, Nagaland

Mon has ninety hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Chen Primary Health CenterChen
Hunta Primary Health CenterHunta
Langmeing Sub-CenterAboi
Yanuu Primary Health CenterHunta
Shamnyu Sub-CenterTobu
Phomching Sub-CenterPhomching
Shiyong Sub-CenterWakching
Mopong Primary Health CenterMopong
Shangnyu Primary Health CenterShangnyu
Longching Sub-CenterAboi
Kenjenshu Sub-CenterMopong
Wanching Primary Health CenterWakching
Tizit Primary Health CenterTizit
Munyakshu Sub-CenterTobu
Chingkao Sub-CenterChen
Tuimei Sub-CenterMon Sadar
Changlang Sub-CenterChen
Tanhai Sub-CenterWakching
Tizit village Sub-CenterTizit
Upper tiru Sub-CenterNaginimora
Tizit Sub-CenterTizit
Naginimora Primary Health CenterNaginimora
Tang Primary Health CenterLongshen
Changnyu Sub-CenterMopong
Pongkong Sub-CenterMon Sadar