Hospitals in Mamit, Mizoram

Mamit has fifty five hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Lengpui Sub-CenterREIEK
Kanhmun Primary Health CenterZAWLNUAM
Hreichuk Sub-CenterREIEK
Rulpuihlim Sub-CenterREIEK
Phuldungsei Primary Health CenterWESTPHAILENG
Marpara Sub-CenterWESTPHAILENG
Hriphaw Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM
Kawrtethawveng Primary Health CenterZAWLNUAM
Dampui Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM
Kawrthah Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM
Hmunpui Sub-CenterREIEK
Borai Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM
Zawlnuam Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM
Rawpuichhip Primary Health CenterREIEK
Phuldungsei Sub-CenterWESTPHAILENG
Mamit Main CenterZAWLNUAM
Marpara Primary Health CenterWESTPHAILENG
W Bunghmun Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM
Khawrihnim Sub-CenterREIEK
Kanghmun Sub-CenterREIEK
Tuidam Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM
New Eden Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM
Parvatui Sub-CenterWESTPHAILENG
Thinghlun Sub-CenterZAWLNUAM

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