Hospitals in Kurukshetra, Haryana

Kurukshetra has one hundred forty hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Tangaur Sub-CenterPehowa
Sataura Sub-CenterPehowa
Rawa Sub-CenterPehowa
Masana Sub-CenterPehowa
Primary Health Center Khanpur KolianPehowa
Kirmach Sub-CenterPehowa
Harigarh Bhorakh Sub-CenterPehowa
Sub-Center RatgalPehowa
Yara Sub-CenterPehowa
Ajrana Khurd Sub-CenterPehowa
Primary Health Center IsmailabadPehowa
Kalsani Sub-CenterPehowa
Primary Health Center MathanaPehowa
Primary Health Center KalsanaPehowa
Mirzapur Sub-CenterPehowa
Sub-Center SirsamaPehowa
Pehowa-I Sub-CenterPehowa
Halalpur Sub-CenterShahbad
Dhantauri Sub-CenterShahbad
Khanpur Jattan Sub-CenterPehowa
Mangoli jattan Sub-CenterShahbad
Kainthala Khurd Sub-CenterPehowa
Kharindwa Sub-CenterPehowa
Pehowa-II Sub-CenterPehowa
Ismailabad-I Sub-CenterPehowa

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