Hospitals in Jind, Haryana

Jind has one hundred ninety five hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Primary Health Center KalwaJind
Paju khurd Sub-CenterSafidon
Frain Kalan Sub-CenterJind
Kachrana Khurd Sub-CenterJind
Garhi Sub-CenterJind
Singhpura Sub-CenterSafidon
Fullian Kalan Sub-CenterJind
Bighana Sub-CenterJind
ESI dispensaryJind
Alewa 1 Sub-CenterJind
Julani Sub-CenterJind
Barsola Sub-CenterJind
Pahlwan Sub-CenterJind
Urhc-I Urban Health centerJind
Gosain Khera Sub-CenterJulana
mangalpur Sub-CenterJind
Primary Health Center SinsarJind
Ghasso Kalan Sub-CenterJind
Igra Sub-CenterJind
Julana 2 Sub-CenterJulana
Sewaha Sub-CenterJind
Dalamwala Sub-CenterJind
Deorar Sub-CenterJulana
Lajwana Kalan Sub-CenterJulana
Primary Health Center GhogharianJind

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