Hospitals in Hawai, Arunachal Pradesh

Hawai has forty seven hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Manchal Sub-CenterHayuliang Circle
Primary Health Center KherangHawai Circle
Primary Health Center QuibangManchal Circle
PHCKibitho Primary Health CenterKibithoo Circle
Sub-Center Mohikong NaraliangHayuliang Circle
Salangam Sub-CenterHayuliang Circle
Community Health Center HawaiHawai Circle
Sub-Center HaliakongHawai Circle
Sub-Center ChipruHayuliang Circle
Sub-Center BlongHawai Circle
Sub-Center AmliangHayuliang Circle
Sub-Center Chaklagam (Notional)Chaglagam Circle
Sub-Center KromnaChaglagam Circle
Community Health Center MetangliangMetengliang Circle
Sub-Center ChiliangManchal Circle
Sub-Center WamliangHawai Circle
Community Health Center GoiliangGoiliang Circle
Siete Sub-CenterHayuliang Circle
Sub-Center LautulHawai Circle
Sub-Center YatongManchal Circle
Yatong Sub-CenterHayuliang Circle
Community Health Center Manchal (Yatong)Manchal Circle
Primary Health Center ChaglagamChaglagam Circle
Goiliang Sub-CenterHayuliang Circle
Sub-Center KromnaMetengliang Circle

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