Hospitals in Hamirpur (HP), Himachal Pradesh

Hamirpur (HP) has two hundred ninety four hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Ranger Sub-CenterSujanpur Tira
Chabutra Sub-CenterSujanpur Tira
Tarkwari Sub-CenterBhoranj
Bir Bagera Sub-CenterSujanpur Tira
Balduhak Sub-CenterNadaun
Jamli Sub-CenterDhatwal
Bhatera Sub-CenterTira Sujanpur
Balh Bihal Sub-CenterDhatwal
Nain Sub-CenterBarsar
Barahlari Sub-CenterGalore
Luharana Sub-CenterBarsar
Thana Luhara Sub-CenterHamirpur
Sera Primary Health CenterNadaun
Hamirpur Medical College Hospital Sub-CenterHamirpur
Dhaneta Primary Health CenterNadaun
Bhatera Sub-CenterSujanpur Tira
Amman Sub-CenterBhoranj
Chouru Primary Health CenterNadaun
Badhani Sub-CenterBhoranj
Hamirpur (Referral Hospital)Tauni Devi
Bhoranj CHBhoranj
Mehal at Bihad Primary Health CenterBhoranj
Jangal Beri Primary Health CenterSujanpur Tira
Chandruhi Sub-CenterBhoranj
Bagwara Primary Health CenterBhoranj