Hospitals in Goa

Goa has two hundred fifty hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Sawantwada Sub-CenterPERNEM
Sub-Center ParcemPERNEM
Sub-Center PissurlemSATARI
Primary Health Center ColvaleBARDEZ
Sub-Center Salvodor Do MundoBARDEZ
Sub-Center BordemBICHOLIM
Sub-Center KholpeBICHOLIM
Sub-Center BethodaPONDA
Sub-Center ArambolPERNEM
Sub-Center CandolimBARDEZ
Sub-Center MercesTISWADI
Sub-Center QuerimPONDA
Primary Health Center CorlimTISWADI
Sub-Center KharpalBICHOLIM
Sub-Center AdvalpalBICHOLIM
Sub-Center ChoraoPONDA
Primary Health Center PorvorimBARDEZ
Sub-Center BastoraBARDEZ
Sub-Center AssagaoBARDEZ
Sub-Center SocorroBARDEZ
Sub District Hospital PondaPONDA
Sub-Center NanodaBICHOLIM
Sub-Center NerulBARDEZ
Sub-Center KhandolaPONDA
Sub-Center CalvimBARDEZ

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