Hospitals in Dholpur, Rajasthan

Dholpur has three hundred twenty three hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Japavali Sub-CenterBari
Rahrai Sub-CenterBaseri
Sarmathura Community Health CenterBaseri
Jalalpur Sub-CenterRajakhera
Banora Sub-CenterBaseri
NOTIONAL Baroli Sub-CenterBaseri
Gadi vintipura Sub-CenterRajakhera
Dubra Sub-CenterDhaulpur
Kukra Sub-CenterSepau
Nidhera Sub-CenterBari
Rupaspur Sub-CenterBari
Aam Ka pura Sub-CenterRajakhera
Radhepura Sub-CenterRajakhera
NOTIONAL Sarinikheda Sub-CenterDhaulpur
NOTIONAL Nagla Beedhora Sub-CenterBari
NOTIONAL Sevar Sub-CenterBari
Kotpura Sub-CenterRajakhera
Tagawali Sub-CenterRajakhera
Purani Chawani Sub-CenterDholpur
RAC I Batalion DholpurDhaulpur
Siholi Sub-CenterBaseri
Dandoli Sub-CenterDhaulpur
Dungarwala Sub-CenterSepau
Sarkana Sub-CenterDholpur
Musalpur Sub-CenterSepau

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