Hospitals in Chandigarh

Chandigarh has seventy two hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
AD AND HD Sector -47, ChandigarhChandigarh
Civil Dispensary Sector-42, ChandigarhChandigarh
ITBP Hospital Behlana, ChandigarhChandigarh
GMSH Sector-16 ,ChandigarhChandigarh
Sub Center- Raipur KhurdChandigarh
Sub Centre BadheriChandigarh
Sub-Center PalsoraChandigarh
Civil Dispensary Sector-40, ChandigarhChandigarh
CD Sector-8, ChandigarhChandigarh
Sub Center HallomajraChandigarh
ESI CD Sector-23, ChandigarhChandigarh
Public Health DispensaryChandigarh
Sub-Center(N) BurailChandigarh
Sub Center DhanasChandigarh
UHTC Sector -44 ,Chandigarh Urban Health centerChandigarh
CD Sector-26 ,ChandigarhChandigarh
Civil Dispensary, Sector-23, ChandigarhChandigarh
Sub-Center SarangpurChandigarh
Sub-Center Mauli VillageChandigarh
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), ChandigarhChandigarh
UCHC Sector -45 ,Chandigarh Community Health CenterChandigarh
Sub Center-BehlanaChandigarh
CD-Kaimbwala, ChandigarhChandigarh
Civil Dispensary -Dadu Majra, ChandigarhChandigarh
Sub-Center(N) Khuda Ali SherChandigarh

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