Hospitals in Chamarajanagara, Karnataka

Chamarajanagara has three hundred thirty six hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Kabballi-A Sub-CenterGundlupet
M.M. Hills B Sub-CenterKollegal
Balachavadi Primary Health CenterGundlupet
Harave-B Sub-CenterChamarajanagar
Dadadhahalli Tribal Sub-CenterChamarajanagar
Gundlupet-E Sub-CenterGundlupet
Kottalavadi (24x7) Primary Health CenterChamarajanagar
Yaraganahalli Sub-CenterChamarajanagar
Kengaki Sub-CenterChamarajanagar
Devarahalli Tribal Sub-CenterGundlupet
Ponnachi Primary Health CenterKollegal
Bhogapura Sub-CenterChamarajanagar
Kallahalli Sub-CenterGundlupet
Bommanahalli Tribal Primary Health CenterGundlupet
Gopalapura Tribal Sub-CenterGundlupet
Gopinatha Sub-CenterKollegal
Managalli Sub-CenterKollegal
Yelandur Community Health CenterYelandur
Irasawadi Tribal Sub-CenterChamarajanagar
Aluru A Sub-CenterChamarajanagar
Beguru Sub-CenterGundlupet
Gumballi 24x7 Tribal Primary Health CenterYelandur
Honnuru Sub-CenterYelandur
Masagapura Sub-CenterChamarajanagar
Gulipura Sub-CenterChamarajanagar

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