Hospitals in Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir

Anantnag has fifty one hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Sub-Center AndooShangus
Sub-Center ChowgamShangus
Sarnal Sub-CenterAnantnag
Shalipora Sub-CenterAnantnag
T B Shah Sub-CenterAnantnag
AD GopalPora Primary Health CenterAnantnag
C S Pora Sub-CenterAnantnag
Chee Sub-CenterAnantnag
Sub-Center SheikhporaShangus
Seepan Sub-CenterAnantnag
Sub-Center CherporaShangus
AD Tailwani Primary Health CenterAnantnag
Primary Health Center RaniporaShangus
Primary Health Center ChitergullShangus
AD Dethu Primary Health CenterShangus
Sub-Center ShergundShangus
Lalan Sub-CenterAnantnag
Brinty Primary Health CenterAnantnag
Primary Health Center BrakporaAnantnag
Primary Health Center AchabalAnantnag
Kamad Sub-CenterAnantnag
Nathpora Sub-CenterAnantnag
Ganoora Sub-CenterAnantnag
Sunsooma Sub-CenterAnantnag
Khundroo Sub-CenterAnantnag

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