ATM Locator - Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has fifteen thousand three hundred eleven ATMs in 75 districts. Click on a city to see list of ATMs in that city.

CityNo of ATMs
Firozabad135 ATMs
Noida1064 ATMs
Ghaziabad949 ATMs
Ghazipur95 ATMs
Gonda76 ATMs
Gorakhpur380 ATMs
Hamirpur (UP)20 ATMs
Hardoi141 ATMs
Orai48 ATMs
Jaunpur216 ATMs
Jhansi168 ATMs
Amroha50 ATMs
Kannauj55 ATMs
Akbarpur (KD)85 ATMs
Kanpur648 ATMs
Manjhanpur72 ATMs
Lakhimpur114 ATMs
Padrauna100 ATMs
Lalitpur23 ATMs
Lucknow2280 ATMs
Hathras57 ATMs
Maharajganj53 ATMs
Mahoba17 ATMs
Mainpuri97 ATMs
Mathura206 ATMs

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