How to solve Wordle 585 of Wednesday 25 January'23

Wordle is an extremly popular vocab game played by millions around the globe. Some of the Wordles are not easy to solve. If you can not solve it, then do not worry we got you. Let us try to solve the Wordle #585 of Wednesday, 25th January 2023.

Download Wordle #585 Hints

You can use the hints, clues given below to solve the wordle puzzle. You can see the answer at end of this page.

Wordle #585 Clues

1. Total 3 vowels are there in this wordle.

2. The wordle rhymes with the word TREIZE.

3. The wordle is anagram of the word AIMEZ.

1. Hint No. 1

Ok, so get ready for the first hint. The first letter of this wordle is " M ".


Now you know that the wordle starts with M, try to solve the next four letters. Stop reading further. If you face difficulty, then you should use the second and if needed, third hint.

2. Hint No. 2

Here is the second hint for you. The last letter of this wordle is " E ".


Ok, so M is the last letter of this wordle, use this hint to crack other three letters. Try to solve with these 2 hints. If you can not solve, then you can scroll down to check the last hint.

3. Final Hint

This hint should be enough to solve the puzzle. The middle letter of this wordle is " I ".


Ok, so it's clear now that 3rd letter of this puzzle is M, try to solve the rest of puzzle. No need to read further. If you continue getting stuck, then you can scroll down to read the answer.

Answer of Wordle #585

Unable to crack the wordle #585 with the hints? Relax, we all get stuck at some wordle. The answer to the 25th January wordle is:


You probably just missed by a letter, right?

The answer of Wordle of 25th January is MAIZE. The meaning of this word is: Corn; a type of grain of the species Zea mays..

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