How to solve Wordle 357 of Saturday 11 June'22

Wordle is an extremly popular vocab game which has won hearts of everyone. Few Wordles are hard to crack. If you are facing difficulty, then you not alone. In this article we will discuss the trending puzzle Wordle #357 of Saturday, 11th June 2022.

Download Wordle #357 Hints

There are three hints for you to solve this wordle. The answer of wordle is given after the hints.

Wordle #357 Clues

1. This wordle has total 3 vowels.

2. One letter of this wordle has been repeated 2 times.

3. The wordle rhymes with the word REPOSE.

1. First Hint

Ok, so this hint will make this puzzle a bit easy. The first letter of this wordle is " G ".


Now you know that the wordle starts with G, use this hint to crack other letters. Do not scroll down. If you can not solve, then you may read further to see the second and third hints.

2. Next Hint

This second hint should reduce the difficulty of puzzle. The last letter of this wordle is " E ".


Ok, so it's clear now that 5th letter of this puzzle is G, use this hint to crack other three letters. Do not scroll down further. If you can not solve, then you can use the final hint given below.

3. Last Hint

Ok, so get ready for the third hint. The middle letter of this wordle is " O ".


So the wordle has letter G in center, use this hint to crack other two letters. No need to read further. If you have trouble solving, then you can see the answer given below.

Answer of Wordle #357

Not able to crack the wordle #357 even with all hints? Do not worry, it's not that easy puzzle. The answer to the 11th June wordle is:


Wondering how you missed that letter, right?

So the answer of Wordle #357 is GOOSE. The meaning of this word is: Any of various grazing waterfowl of the family Anatidae, which have feathers and webbed feet and are capable of flying, swimming, and walking on land, and which are bigger than ducks.