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Voting Results

Best Chief Minister of India (Current)

107 Votes · 3 Opinions · Ended

India is a vibrant democracy and all states are headed by a CM whose vision and leadership drives the state. Who is better CM in your opinion? Check out the voting results!

Best Prime Minister of India

81 Votes · 4 Opinions · Ended

India has been led by several Prime Ministers over the years, each with their unique style and contribution to the country's growth and development. We are asking you to vote for who you think was the better Prime Minister of India and why. Check out the voting results!

Who is responsible for Russia Ukraine crisis?

21 Votes · 2 Opinions · Ended

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is a complex conflict having its roots in variety of historical, political, and economic factors. Who do you think is more responsible for conflict? Whose actions are more unjustified? Check out the voting results!

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