Malkapuram, Ibrahimpatnam

Malkapuram is a village located in the Ibrahimpatnam Mandal of Ntr district of Andhra Pradesh. The village falls in Ibrahimpatnam block and comes under Kondapalli Nagar Parishad.

As on September 2023, the current population of Malkapuram is 830 out of which 410 are males and rest 420 are females. The sex ratio of this village is 1024 females per 1000 males. There are around 91 teenagers in Malkapuram. It has literacy rate of 83% which means around 693 persons can read and write. Total 144 people belonging to scheduled caste and 19 scheduled tribe people live in the village. There are around 233 households in Malkapuram, which means every family has 4 members on average. The village has working population of 284. The pincode of Malkapuram is 521456 and there are many postoffices around the village which can used to send speed post, registered parcel etc.


Malkapuram has many good schools for education and follwing are popular schools among students.


Malkapuram has many good hospitals for treatment and follwing are popular among people.


Malkapuram has many good banks for financial services and follwing are popular among people.

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