Kotikalapudi, Ibrahimpatnam

Kotikalapudi is a village and Grama Panchayat of the Ibrahimpatnam Mandal in Ntr district of Andhra Pradesh, which falls under Ibrahimpatnam block. Rentapalli Nagaraju is the President of Kotikalapudi Grama Panchayat, who can be contacted at email address rentapallinagaraju2@gmail.com and mobile number 82472xxx86. The Secretary is Md.K.Mirjawali, who can be reached at email address mirjawali786@gmail.com and mobile number 98661xxx86. The Panchayat address is Kotikalapudi Village, Pincode - 521456. You can reach there by taking a bus till Kethanakonda bus stop which is around 2 km away. The Panchayat has internet facility, Wi-Fi facility and homestay option. There are two computers, one printer and one scanner available for various works.

As on September 2023, the current population of Kotikalapudi is 3.3 thousands out of which 1.7 thousands are males and rest 1.6 thousands are females. The sex ratio of this village is 978 females per 1000 males. There are around 321 teenagers in Kotikalapudi. It has literacy rate of 59% which means around 1.9 thousands persons can read and write. Total 2.7 thousands people belonging to scheduled caste and 6 scheduled tribe people live in the village. There are around 906 households in Kotikalapudi, which means every family has 4 members on average. The village has working population of 1.8 thousands. The pincode of Kotikalapudi is 521456 and there are many postoffices around the village which can used to send speed post, registered parcel etc.


Kotikalapudi has many good schools for education and follwing are popular schools among students.


Kotikalapudi has many good hospitals for treatment and follwing are popular among people.


Kotikalapudi has many good banks for financial services and follwing are popular among people.

Panchayat Members


Rentapalli Nagaraju is the Sarpanch of Kotikalapudi Grama Panchayat, whose mobile no. is 82472xxx86 and email is rentapallinagaraju2@gmail.com.

Up Sarpanch

Gandrala Sirisha is the Up Sarpanch of Kotikalapudi Grama Panchayat, whose mobile no. is 97098xxx19 and email is psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com.

Ward Member

Kotikalapudi Grama Panchayat has total 10 elected Ward Member.

  1. Seelam Srilakshmi - Mobile: 80964xxx25 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  2. Malneedi Bhargav Kumar - Mobile: 89787xxx77 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  3. Kolakani Prasanna Kumari - Mobile: 99082xxx49 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  4. Pappula Krishna Koteswararao - Mobile: 97049xxx62 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  5. Katta Lakshmi - Mobile: 98483xxx75 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  6. Namburi Bala Koteswari - Mobile: 75693xxx27 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  7. Namburi Koteswararao - Mobile: 84659xxx87 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  8. Rentapalli Sivaiah - Mobile: 97018xxx85 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  9. Mendem Yalamandararao - Mobile: 97044xxx57 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com
  10. Velagaleti Sukanya - Mobile: 96763xxx69 - Email: psgr1kotikalapudi@gmail.com

Covered villages

Kotikalapudi Grama Panchayat manages total 1 villages.

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