East Kameng

East Kameng is a district in Arunachal Pradesh state of India.


East Kameng has many good schools for education and follwing are popular schools among students.


East Kameng has many good hospitals for treatment and follwing are popular among people.


East Kameng has many good banks for financial services and follwing are popular among people.

East Kameng District

East Kameng is one of the 25 districts of Arunachal Pradesh, spread in an area of 2874.76 square kilometers. It is divided into 12 Circles and 7 blocks. As on 20th April 2024, the current population of East Kameng district is 72.2 thousands, which includes urban population of 20.9 thousands and rural population of 51.3 thousands. The sex ratio of district is 1028 females per 1000 males. There are 13.5 thousands houses in the district which means every household has around 5 members. There are around 11.9 thousands teenagers in district. It has literacy rate of 48% which means around 35 thousands persons can read and write. The district has working population of 28.8 thousands. Total 67 thousands scheduled tribe people live in the district.

Circles in East Kameng district

East Kameng district has total 12 Circle.

Blocks in East Kameng district

East Kameng district has total 7 blocks.

East Kameng Zilla Parishad

Shri Doba Lamnio is the President (Adhyaksha) of Zilla Parishad East Kameng, who can be contacted at email address seppanopfms@gmail.com and mobile number 94029xxx68. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Shri Lika Teji Adc, Seppa, who can be reached at email address seppadpdo999@gmail.com and mobile number 76308xxx72. The office address is Dpdo, Office Seppa, Pincode - 790102. You can reach there by taking a bus till Seppa bus stop which is around 8 km away.

East Kameng Zilla Parishad

East Kameng Zilla Parishad consists of total 127 Gram Panchayat.

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