Ukhrul is a district in Manipur state of India.


Ukhrul has many good schools for education and follwing are popular schools among students.


Ukhrul has many good hospitals for treatment and follwing are popular among people.


Ukhrul has many good banks for financial services and follwing are popular among people.

Ukhrul District

Ukhrul is one of the 16 districts of Manipur, spread in an area of 2206 square kilometers. It is divided into 4 Subdivisions and 4 blocks. As on 28th March 2023, the current population of Ukhrul district is 1.56 lakhs, which includes urban population of 30.7 thousands and rural population of 1.26 lakhs. The sex ratio of district is 942 females per 1000 males. There are 30.3 thousands houses in the district which means every household has around 5 members. There are around 18.2 thousands teenagers in district. It has literacy rate of 71% which means around 1.1 lakhs persons can read and write. The district has working population of 73.7 thousands. Total 254 people belonging to scheduled caste and 1.46 lakhs scheduled tribe people live in the district.

Subdivisions in Ukhrul district

Ukhrul district has total 4 Subdivision.

Blocks in Ukhrul district

Ukhrul district has total 4 blocks.

Other villages in Ukhrul Subdivision

Ukhrul Subdivision has total 35 villages which are currently not mapped to any Gram Panchayat.