Hospitals in Sirsa, Haryana

Sirsa has one hundred ninety one hospitals. Click on a hospital to see its complete details.

Name of HospitalLocation
Primary Health Center Jottan waliDabwali
Primary Health Center KaluanaDabwali
Bharolianwali Sub-CenterRania
Primary Health Center KharianRania
Kagdana Sub-CenterSirsa
Haripura Sub-CenterRania
Ellenabad UrbanEllenabad
Nakora Sub-CenterRania
Primary Health Center PanihariSirsa
Thed Mohalla Urban Health centerSirsa
Sanwant Khera Sub-CenterDabwali
Lohgarh Sub-CenterDabwali
Nathusari Kalan Sub-CenterSirsa
Bhamboor Sub-CenterSirsa
Salarpur Sub-CenterSirsa
Private facilitySirsa
Bharokhan Sub-CenterSirsa
Primary Health Center GoriwalaDabwali
Himayun khera Sub-CenterEllenabad
Darba Kalan Sub-CenterSirsa
Abub shahar Sub-CenterDabwali
Sultanpuria Sub-CenterRania
Sukhera Khera Sub-CenterDabwali
Nezadela Khurd Sub-CenterSirsa
Khairpur Urban Health centerSirsa